Gallardo on Winning the Copa Libertadores


The arrival of Marcelo “Muneco” Gallardo to River Plater has herald a golden era for the Argentine giants who have won 4 international cups under his guidance. The most important win, however, was the coveted Copa Libertadores which crowns the best club in the Americas. Speaking with El Grafico Gallardo highlights the importance of the home field advantage.

“Yes, clearly, clearly, look at what would of been for us to play a Libertadores final, after 19 years, as hosts and not be able to win it. That would of been a very, very, big frustration if we didn’t win but I was always convinced that we couldn’t miss that opportunity. There was no chance for us losing the Cup after playing the away game. In Mexico they (Tigres) should have taken the lead and they did not know how to take advantage of their home-game. I was convinced that we would take advantage of our home field. I thought about that and told the players in the locker room at Monterrey. “The Cup can’t get away from us, it can’t get away.”


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