Chicharito, Tecatito, Herrera and Layun eliminated from Champions League

While they all had good moments, these 4 Mexicans playing abroad have been eliminated from the Champions League tournament. The fact that the competition is getting harder makes it even more difficult for teams like Porto and Bayer.

Atleast it ended with a Chicharito goal to help Bayer tie up the mighty Barcelona. Tecatito shined for moments in the Porto vs Chelsea game, even owning 2 defenders on the left site at one. They just couldn’t pass the hump of the upper tier competition. Things are still looking up for these guys. Even in the tie you can check out the near goal Chicharito almost had that would have given Bayer the lead.

We still have other Mexicans still in the competition as Raul Jimenez, Andres Guardado and Hector Moreno are still in the fight. We will see how they fair with their respective teams.

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