Mexico’s Forbidden Chant or Todos Somos Putos


“For the Mexican, life is the possibility of “chingar” or being “chingado.” Meaning, to humiliate, punish, offend or the other way around.” – Octavio Paz

During the 2014 FIFA World Cup a group of bored social justice warriors, with no real causes to occupy their time with,  decided to target Mexico’s “puto” chant heard during the opposing keepers kick-off. They claimed the chant was hurtful to homosexuals.

FIFA, the governing body of soccer which has awarded their next two World Cups to countries where homosexuality is a crime, took note and began sanctioning the Mexican Football Federation in hopes of eradicating the chant.

For Mexico’s second group match against Croatia a Tricolor fan displayed a banner (pictured above) that trolled FIFA with it’s “whoever reads this is a puto” statement. A clever banner that exemplifies what it means to be Mexican; to chingar.

To sanction the chant is to turn it into a forbidden pleasure that the Tri faithful enjoyed two fold in Mexico’s recent World Cup qualifier against Canada at the Azteca stadium.

Chingar is the main reason why fans chant the word to rustle the opposing keeper or his fans. And we can care less what meaning you give the word as a good time is had.

On that note who is a puto: he is the man selling his tender ass to make ends meet…the girl that will sleep with everyone except you…your pal after he slept with your girlfriend…yourself after running away from a fight…and the opposing goalie who rejects our teams advances.

In essence at one point or another we are all putos. While the meaning does contain the idea of aggression isn’t that what football is all about; defeating your opponents by penetrating their goal.

While the PC Police might have good intentions they are also imposing their ideals on a culture that celebrates by calling each other sons of a whore.

“¡Viva Mexico, hijos de la chingada!”

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