Ep. 25: Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast – Clasico talk, Gullit/Vela drama

Gullit lolWe had a good podcast talking about the Clasico Regio and the greater Clasico Nacional. Most are in agreement that America will beat the weakened Chivas. We talked slightly the Clasico Regio as the fresas and tea sipping Monterrey fans enjoyed a good victory over Gignac and company.


Ep. 24: Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast – MLS Fail in CONCACAF Champions League

A lot of CONCACAF Champions League talk in this episode. We cover the Robbie Keane comments, the Gio insults, the results and more. We streamed live during the RSL v Tigres game so a little bit of play by play. 11 years in a row a Mexican team will win the tournament and go to the Club World Cup.

Tune in blokes!

LigaMX tops MLS once again

dempseyPisotonThis week the return leg for each quarterfinal match took place between MLS and LigaMX teams. Once again all 4 MLS teams are eliminated.

DC United vs Queretaro

This 2nd leg took place in Washington DC and Queretaro got the tie 1-1. DC United couldn’t defend their home turf and lost the series with an aggregate 3-1. I would consider these teams as lower level, less interesting teams, so lets move on.

Santos vs LA Galaxy

This one had some drama. Santos goalkeeper, Marchesin, make a lame remark to Gio Dos Santos, calling him “Borracho”. Not really a relevant insult and I am not sure that Gio did anything bad to him. The insult took off, however, and Gio was greeted in Torreon with the same insult. So now all the fans were insulting the former National Team hero. A bit awkward? Its just a rivalry. This was a club match, not the NT. Santos fans took advantage of the insult to attempt to get underneath Gio’s skin. Gio even made a comment saying that Marchesin was an unknown player just like his team. So much drama.

The game ended up in a blow out, 4-0. Giovanni played up top but didn’t end up doing much.

America vs Sounders

The Aguilas played in Azteca vs Sounders. Seattle came out with a goal, but it was an own goal. Then America went off and scored 3 goals to finish Clint Dempsey and his team. Jordan Morris, didn’t show much, but did have one run that ended in a heel pass, but was ruined by a fellow teammate.

Dempsey was able to take a “recuerdo” back home from Mexico as Sambueza stepped on his head with his cleat.

Real Salt Lake vs Tigres

This game was the most competitive. Tigres was up 2-0 from the previous game in Monterrey, but RSL came out with the first goal to go up 1-0. RSL had other opportunities and looked better. Tuca later went on the defensive, and took out some of his offensive options. In the end, however, Gignac got a goal beating a floating Rimando to tie the game 1-1 and take the series.

Fail once again for MLS.

Some issues I have with the aftermath, is that the excuses still remain. It was preseason, the salary cap, etc. These excuses have existed for many years, yet no motivation to change. DC United and LA Galaxy posted controversial tweets, indicating they didn’t even care about the tournament.

The US press doesn’t care or pressure or complain about these poor performances and just act as cheerleaders. Sometimes things will only change if you light a fire under peoples arses. I don’t see MLS becoming the best league in the World anytime soon.

If you have a few minutes and want to listen to a ridiculous debate (in Spanish) between some Univision analysts, here you go. It is pretty laughable and I wonder if they set it all up for each to have their opposing positions. (credit to colima for posting the vid)

Ep. 23: Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast – Copa America draw, CCL, Chivas v Cruz Azul talk and more.

Giovanni Dos AntrosIn this episode, we discuss the Copa America groups and the teams that Mexico will have to play. We also talk the US, supposed group of death, as well as the other groups. We also deviate into discussing the drama and controversy that the Press brings to the game.

The CCL was ongoing while we were podcasting, so we discuss the CONCACAF tournament and how MLS has been faring vs the LigaMX rivals.

We also discuss the “Clasico Joven” and the Thomas Boy dance controversy. Also Club America discussion of refs and incompetence issues throughout the league. 😀

Ep. 22: Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast – CopaMX, Libertadores, Messi/CR7 and more.

yameritoChivasWe had a fun show talking about a wide range of Footy topics, such as the Messi penalty “controversy”, CopaMX and Libertadores games as well as the Osorio/Giovanni visit.

On the Messi penalty, we talked both sides of if the “provoking” Messi penalty, as well as CR7 comments about the great MSN (Messi, Suarez, Neymar).

Some panelists also rejoiced as Chivas got a CopaMX win vs Leones Negros. Also Toluca came out strong winning their initial Libertadores game.

It was a lot of fun, check it out…

Liga MX at a Crossroads – Whether They Know it or Not

ligaMXA FEW YEARS AGO, the string-pullers in the Mexican soccer business decided to re-brand their top flight as Liga MX.  New logo, new theme music, new cup tournament – it was quite a show.  The newly branded Liga MX was positioning itself to make a move on the global stage.  The cynics, and there are a lot (too many, really), who make it their business to follow and report on Mexican soccer responded they only way they know how:  cynically.  It is nothing more than just a fresh new color of lipstick for the same pig was the general consensus.  And why not?  The string-pullers of Mexican soccer have long had the reputation, whether justly earned or not, for not being the most transparent when it comes to league business.  The problem is, while these reporters, columnists, pundits, bloggers, beat writers, and pretty TV people are all at the ready to fire the most tired of criticisms, they are not talking about what is happening on the field.  As it turns out, they quality of play on the field is pretty good.

Instead, we hear incessantly that Liga MX is nothing more than mediocre.  Are they paying attention?  The league promotes itself, or at least tries to.  But their positive spins are lost in translation when it goes through the media middlemen.

That’s a problem.  And it is something that Liga MX needs to solve in the very near future.  So me of it is self inflicted.  There is a reason the press is so jaded.  Some of Liga MX’s existing policies are, well, baffling.  Take, for instance, coverage.  Here in the US at least, when watching Fox Deportes, or ESPN, or Univision Deportes, when they talk about the league, the networks may not have the right to show highlights.

Highlights!  It is not a good look.  Not in these times, when all it takes is a tap of the finger to see a goal scored from anywhere in the world.

Liga MX needs as many outlets as possible, and it certainly doesn’t help that the ones who talk about it the most spend a good deal of their time trashing it.  Some of that can’t be helped; it is what sells, after all.  So find new outlets.  Buy time on Eurosport and produce an hour-long weekly recap of the league. Or a couple of 60 min condensed games.  The point is:  get more exposure.  Andre-Pierre Gignac has been the best story of the season.  Why isn’t there a French page on the Tigres website, or at the very least a Twitter account in French?

Their website could use a face-lift, but, truth be told, it has improved dramatically from its initial launch. However, there is no English language version of their website.  Or any other, for that matter.  Their social media can also use a boost.  Again, this is a rights issue, and I get that. But it would be a smart move to have a video available minutes after someone scored, or a great play, etc. Liga MX’s official twitter is somewhat informative – but again, there is a lot of room to improve.

Why the need for all this?  Beacuse Liga MX is not just competing against MLS, but also La Liga, The EPL, Bundesliga, NFL, NBA, Ligue 1, and the Chinese League that has tapped into a seemingly endless pool of funds.  Liga MX has the structure, the funding and the stability to do well in this New World Order.  Their biggest obstacle, however, is for them to prove (to themselves as well) that they belong.  One step to clearing the obstacle is to get the word out.  Hey, everyone!  Liga MX is pretty good.  It is!  Really.  Here watch these highlights.

Instead of doing little to shake the reputation the league currently has, it can rewrite the narrative with an introduction to each new market.  In other soccer loving countries, Liga MX could become a solid, entertaining league that has some quality players.  Players could see a league that pays well, and is extremely competitive.  Other clubs around the world could see a league that is well financed, and open for business.

But this is entirely up to Liga MX.  If they continue to believe that the status quo has worked before and will do so moving forward, then they are missing out on a huge opportunity.  If the only market outside of Mexico that matters to Liga MX is the Mexpat one in the US, then they are selling their own league short.

The String-pullers decided on the name Liga MX for a reason.  Now it is time to let the rest of the world in on it.

Ep. 21: Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast – Mexico vs Senegal – Molero

MexVsSenThis episode we talk about the recent Mexico “molero” vs Senegal. We discuss the flops and stand out players from the game. We also have sound clips from Osorio and Pikolin from post the game press conference and mixed zone. Osorio answered a question from the Senegal press on the reason why Mexico gave Senegal a few good scoring opportunities during the game.

We also discuss the Chicharito injury and his career in Europe. As well as some Libertadores talk and LigaMX. A bet was also taken between two of our panelists on the winner of the Santos vs Monterrey game from tonight.

Tune in!

Ep. 20: Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast – New name, new episode.

dos a zeroOur very first episode under the Dos a Zero name. We had some good convo about some the Chucky Lozano red card and the question of inept refs in Mexico. I agree, it was a bad call against Lozano, others thought all the refs are inept and against the beloved Aguilas de America. 🙂

We also discuss the potentials for the call up that just came out today. The highlight of our discussion was Pikolin. Some despise and some are glad for him. We will have to wait and see how he performs next week and if this will be his only call up ever.

We had some participation in the Youtube chat, and it is appreciated. If you have any comments or questions, be sure to follow us on twitter for the Youtube link every Wednesday. Or in the case of next week, most likely on Thursday.


Ep. 19: Los Cachirules podcast – Farewell Cachirules!

Dos A ZeroA final episode of “Los Cachirules” and a new start to “The Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast”. In this final episode we talk about the Naturalizados issue, Juan Carlos Osorio’s comparison of Neymar and Tecatito, his “hate” of MLS, LigaMX results and more.

The JCO hate continues from one side of the panel, while he has support from other panelists. Discussion of foreigners in Mexico and their rights as naturalized citizens, as well as the FMF pacto de caballeros that renders those rights null and void.

We also have some fun with Chivas and how Dorados is their ticket to stay in Top Flight of LigaMX.

Stay tuned tonight for our first episode of Dos a Zero podcast!!

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