Episode 5: Los Cachirules podcast on a Monday Night!

amigosIt was Monday night madness at Los Cachirules, Podcast no.5, as the panel discussed Mexico’s qualification to the FIFA U-17 semifinal’s and their upcoming match against powerhouse Nigeria! John Jogou and Rony wax poetic about watching ppv footy at Rita’s Billiards and Massage parlor while Fernando makes an impromptu appearance after being summoned by the cast mentioning ‘Lavolpe’ three times.

CONCACAF Champions League 2015-2016

So the Quarterfinals are set in the CONCAChafa tournament and it turned out that MLS teams will be facing off against LigaMX teams. Here are the matchups:

Tigres vs Real Salt Lake

Queretaro vs DC United

LA Galaxy vs Santos Laguna

Seattle vs America

These matches wont begin until February of next year, so we have some time before we get to see if MLS can do something other than come in 2nd place or less in this tournament. Costa Rican, Honduran and other Central American teams have since been eliminated.

So whats the purpose of this tournament? The Club World Cup is hardly prestigious. For me the interest is exactly what CONCACAF seems to see; MLS vs LigaMX. Mexico has of course dominated this tournament entirely. MLS seems to creep closer, but Mexican teams always end up taking home the cup. Some call this tournament Mickey Mouse, which I agree that to a certain extent it is. Some Mexican teams don’t take it seriously and bring youger players to gain experience. Then you have complaints about portions of the tournament being played before MLS regular season has even begun, thus giving the Mexican teams an advantage. That excuse, however would make the MLS a mickey mouse league for having such a “unique” schedule to their season.

So either way, we get MLS vs Mexico, and we will see if Mexico maintains Kings of CONCACAF! 🙂

Here is an interesting video from the 2011 tournament and buildup from a Real Salt Lake perspective.


Don’t hit Send


I work on TV trucks for a living, so I can sympathize with this poor soul who let this one slip. It happens, it has happened to me, but not this bad.

The closest was years ago when I first started in TV. I worked on Super Show Deportivo, a weekly NFL show, and we did a year recap. Luckily I caught the error before it aired. We had a graphic that said este ano en la NFL. A Little line makes all the difference.

For the record, I beleive the number of putos on both teams to be a little high.

Tigeres!!!! Rob Schneider is a fan.

I wonder if Rob Schneider knows that Tigres will be playing tomorrow in the CONCACAF Champions league vs Herediano. Either way, Rob is a Tigres fan and wears the jersey proudly.

However, this reminds me of the quote from the movie, My big fat Greek Wedding:

The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.

Rob’s wife is Mexican so this is most likely the case here. This brings up an interesting topic of why are people choose to be fans of teams? Usually you would think of fans being from the city of the team, but this is not always the case. Now days, you can probably hear the term “plastics”, or fake fans, or fans because a team increases in popularity.


This is an interesting, because some say you can’t be a fan if you are not from that city and live there. Yet in Mexico and in the US, you will see many people with Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid or even Messi/Argentina jerseys, who may not have even stepped foot in the cities or countries of these teams.


We had a slight discussion on this topic during the Los Cachirules podcast. Make sure you listen in here and give your feedback to our twitter account.sandlersneider

Nacho Ambriz to lead the Eagle’s Nest

It took Club America less than a week to fill in the coaching vacancy after the firing of Uruguayan manager, Gustavo Matosas.  At the club’s press conference, it was Club America’s President, Ricardo Peleaz, whom informed that both parties were parting due to professional differences as how the team was going to be rebuilt.  Ricardo Peleaz noted that Matosas requested players which the team denied on account of salary cap issues.  Within a few days, the Uruguayan coach stated that Peleaz misspoke on the matter and that he never put an ultimatum as to whom the club had to sign.  Despite winning the CONCACAF Champions League last month, it became apparent that Matosas’ days were numbered on account of lackluster performances throughout the season.  

 With Ambriz’s arrival to the club, this would be the 3rd coaching change within the last two years.   Under normal circumstances, the constant carousel of coaching changes is usually indicative of worrisome times, a reality that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Within the last two years, the club has reached three domestic league finals and one international cup final, with 3 different manangers.  With that sort of success rate, the current front office has to be given the benefit of the doubt, even though conventional wisdom shows unstability and failure with that amount of changes within that small time frame.  They are the exception, not the rule.  

As an avid Americanista, I must admit that the 2 managers that I did not want ended up not only proving me wrong, but making me a fan of theirs—Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera and Mario Carrillo.


Santos Demolish Chivas to reach Liga MX Final

Chivas de Guadalajara season came to a bitter-sweet end as the club falls three-nil to a superior Santos side at home at the Omnilife stadium. Nestor Calderon put the match out of Chivas reach with a butt-hurt inducing GOLAZO in the 67th minute.

“We had a very strict rival that beat us in many aspects with great determination,” lamented Chivas coach Jose ‘Chepo’ de la Torre after the match. “Personality is needed to win these type of games and even if you are at a disadvantage you must keep insisting.”

It was indeed great determination that gave Calderon the confidence to take his long shot. “I always analyze the goalkeepers, thank’s to God, the shot came out right and more importantly is that the team is in the final and we must enjoy that,” said the Santos midfielder.


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