Chivas Win Validates Copa MX


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Funny how things work out.  A few years ago when the creation of Copa MX was announced (in conjunction with a newly rebranded Liga MX), the new tournament was met with a steady stream of cynicism and criticism.  It’s structure was a joke, we were told.  Too many games, a point structure that was difficult to understand, and no one –  no one would care.  No one did care for the first couple of years.  Can you name the winners of the first editions of Copa MX?

Exactly. I can’t either.

It was going to take a team with a certain amount of cache to put Copa MX on the map.  Sure, Cruz Azul won the thing a while back, but the tournament was still in the who cares stage.  Last night, before a sellout crowd in Leon, Copa MX became a tournament worth caring about.  Don’t believe me? Ask the Chivas fans who celebrated at the Minerva monument last night in Guadalajara. After all, it had been 9 years – 9 YEARS – since Chivas had held any kind of hardware.

chivas minervaBut it wasn’t just the fans in Leon or the ones who celebrated in Guadalajara afterwards.  It was also the players and coaches.  Both sides played to win, had several chances to do so, and in the process rewarded everyone with an end-to-end tilt that was in stark contrast to the usual puckered, defensive-minded borefests that permeate most finals.

There will be those who will minimize the final; can’t be a cynic otherwise, right?  And, yes, the Copa MX could use some tinkering to streamline it to enhance the play on the field.  But it is not going anywhere for now, so you might as well buck up and play it.  Give your reserves some time on the track. Let your slumping stars work their way out of it.  You might just right yourselves and win something along the way.

If I were FMF King for a day, I would keep Copa MX for the Apertura, but I would go a different direction for the Clausura: north.  I would add MLS and USL for a 78-team straight knockout to the final.  50 teams get a 1st round bye. And then a 64-team blind draw to the final. Whether folks from both sides care to admit it or not, both leagues need each other.  This would be a great way to get them involved.

Chivas and their fans can enjoy their win for about 24 hours.  Then they will be reminded of their reality with a visit to Culiacan for a key 6-point battle with one of their drop-zone mates.  But they can do so knowing they have finally added something more than dust to their trophy case.

Mexican Circus: Piojo Herrera, Carlos Albert and TV Azteca clowns.

In Mexico, there is a popular aspect of TV that is called “Novelas”. This popularity is does not just occur in Mexico because there are Soap Operas in the US and this thing called reality TV. Fact is drama sells.

So lets look at this Piojo drama that occured over the summer and prior.

  1. Piojo is meme/internet famous for excitited goal celebrations.
  2. Piojo gets National Team job and has a good World Cup.
  3. Piojo tweets politics and gets criticized.
  4. Piojo’s daughter gains fame by not blocking out the haters, but responding to them.
  5. Piojo’s Mexico, fails to impress in controversial Gold Cup.
  6. TV Azteca, specifically Martinolli goes on a tirade against Piojo.
  7. Piojo gets upset and bullys/beats up Martinolli in the airport.
  8. Piojo is hated and press mount against him. He is then fired from the NT.

Piojo was awesome with the America and then the NT, he was entertaining. Animated gifs were made of his hilarity. It’s true he didn’t do so well in the Gold Cup, however, lets analyze one of his greatest critics, TV Azteca. We all remember Martinoli when he had a childish fit, when Mexico was failing during WC qualifiers. Saying the likes of “We love you forever, and ever” and “God bless America” as the US scored 2 goals vs Panama, then going on to insult Mexico calling them “petardos” and that they couldn’t qualify on their own merits.

Now if the events that happened on the field weren’t dramatic enough, the hooting and hollering in the background along with the tirade by Martinoli definitely was. US fans loved it, and it blew up. US fans as well as Mexicans, honored Graham Suzi for scoring the 2nd goal. Martinoli went on to say, The US has past us in Soccer and is better“.

If you ever watch a broadcast with TV Azteca in Mexico you can see how entertaining it really is. In the Pregame of the Mexico vs Trinidad y Tobago game, they showcased Nicki Minaj since she is from T&T, then proceeded to make jokes and innuendo. You would get the same type of jokes during the game. The kind of jokes that you probably won’t hear in the US. Campos is a pretty big part of this circus as well. You may find him on the field reporting, but as you can see, chanclas are the professional attire.

One instance in the broadcast, Martinoli and Luis Garcia were discussing the game at halftime, while Campos was in the middle without a mic, leaning/sitting on a table behind him. Just relaxing while Martinoli and Garcia would talk. When Campos wanted to get a word in, he would just speak and wait for Martinoli to get the mic closer to him.

The point is, Piojo may be a bully, and physically attacking Martinoli is of course unacceptable, but the TV Azteca crew is a joke. Martinoli is a joke. Campos is a clown. All this is great though, it is funny, good TV, and probably gets high ratings. But you can see why Piojo would be perturbed. Then when the incident happens in the airport with Martinoli, the entire press pounces on Piojo. Sure it is justified, but just once I would like to see the Circus at TV Azteca be called out for their foolishness. Although when I think about it, I am not sure I would necessarily want them to change. After all the Circus is the Greatest Show on Earth!

Now as of today, Carlos Albert, who we all know from Futbol Picante. Or atleast used to know, as he was “dramatically” removed from the show. He recently published an article at Milenio insulting Piojo once again. Check out the article here. Albert goes on to call Piojo “injured”, “salty” and still licking his wounds. Albert states that Piojo asked Xolos management to tell TV Azteca to not allow Martinoli on broadcasts involving Xolos. He also states that he sent text stating that he did not want any involvement with Carlos Albert as press. This of course is what spurred Albert to write the article and set his targets back on Piojo. Albert calls him “corriente” and “Miguelito” as his article’s main purpose is to demean Piojo and show what a little man he is.

So what we have here is a good old Novela. Where Piojo and Martinoli have beef, then Carlos Albert comes in to insult as he normally does on twitter and other avenues. Piojo then has beef with Albert and the circle of drama goes round and round. Good entertainment no?

Episode 5: Los Cachirules podcast on a Monday Night!

amigosIt was Monday night madness at Los Cachirules, Podcast no.5, as the panel discussed Mexico’s qualification to the FIFA U-17 semifinal’s and their upcoming match against powerhouse Nigeria! John Jogou and Rony wax poetic about watching ppv footy at Rita’s Billiards and Massage parlor while Fernando makes an impromptu appearance after being summoned by the cast mentioning ‘Lavolpe’ three times.

Mexico Advances to U17 Semifinal

Zamudio celebrates with teammate Eduardo Aguirre

Mexico Celebrates & Advances to Next Stage

Coquimbo, Chile — Mexico’s U17 defeated their Ecuador counterpart, at Estadio Francisco Sanchez Rumoroso, with a score of 2-0 and advanced to the semifinals stage. The match was witnessed by a crowd of 3000 is the first game in the FIFA Under 17 World Cup where Mexico does not enjoy a possession advantage.

Mexico played without zaguero Fernando Venegas. Venegas partnership with captain Jose Esquivel has been the heart of the Mexican defense which has ceded only 2 goals. Venegas had to serve a one game suspension due to an accumulation of yellow cards.

Mexican upstarts Kevin Magana and Pablo Lopez would be shades of their old selves as the Ecuadorians would mark them closely and pressure them into ceding possession to a teammate or opponent.

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Boca Jrs Win Argentine Championship

After a four year dry spell Boca Jrs managed to once again lift the Argentine league championship with a one-nil win over Tigre at home at the Bombonera stadium. “I’ve won many titles but none compare to this,” admitted club idol Carlos Tevez after the match.  

“Sometimes we didn’t know how to play the games but I believe that we had the hunger that makes you win when everything else is missing,” said Tevez who turned down many offers from European clubs in order to retire at his boyhood club.

Teammate Fernando Gago had no doubts Boca was the best team of the championship. “Without a doubt we were the best, this is demonstrated by the points we made,” the hardworking midfielder said. “This (win) is very important for me. I lived through a very bad injury. It’s been a long time since I had won a league championship over here.”

Gago and Tevez will both get a chance to add more silverware to the ‘Xeneizes’ coffers as the club also reached the Argentine Cup final. The match against Rosario Central is scheduled for the 4th of November.


Valdano on Newell’s Downfall


“They (Newell’s Old Boys) had a very good school of football in a city that maintains a relationship that is clearly exaggerated with the sport and in a zone that is a gigantic field for football. I would come out of my house to find a football field of one thousand squared kilometers: a plain that was only interrupted by a cow or some tree, everything else was a football field.

It was a zone that had good nourishment, which also counts, because there are other more deprived areas where the problem with nutrition doesn’t favor the rise of great footballers. I believe what was essential is that it was a school of football created and projected by Jorge Griffa one of the gurus of formation in Argentina which has situated Newell’s in a place of honor in the projection of players.

That ended when Griffa left. In the last years there has been some authentic perversions. For example the barras bravas (rowdy supporter groups) own players from the youth teams. Just by mentioning that we are speaking about the poor ethic in which the club had fallen into, happily recovered under new management. 

Like Alfredo Di Stefano always said ‘to destroy all you need is a hammer but to create you need intelligence and effort.’ The hammering was very rough and now it will take time to recover.” 

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