Los Cachirules: A dos a zero podcast. Episode 3

This episode was a big one. Full of good info and discussion. Probably the most highlighted tidbit was the discussion on the huge trend that Europe is the place to be for Mexican players to improve and thrive. A point was given that this is not necessarily the case. What is your take? Is Porto an ideal destination, or should players instead stay in Mexico.

This discussion stemmed from the comments Juan Carlos Osorio made about Mexican coaches being comfortable at home and not coaching/learning abroad.

We also discuss LigaMX/CopaMX, and the U17 World Cup and Mexico’s participation.

We even were read from a book a few sentences talking about player athleticism. Very informative stuff for all you footbal junkies.

Have a listen below and on itunes!

1 thought on “Los Cachirules: A dos a zero podcast. Episode 3

  1. Yo says:

    Of course it is…not only is it a higher quality of soccer, but practices are more intense and professional…facing better opposition as well as having better internal competition can only make you better.


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