Chicharito Unvarnished

Most interviews with star athletes don’t ever amount to much.  In fact, they are usually a a raging torrent a cliches, flooded with rivulets of emptiness cascading into a waterfall of nothing.  Zero. Why did I just watch that?

Enter Leon Krause. Univision 34’s news anchor got a sit down for his “la Mesa” segment with Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and then proceeded to do the impossible:  He got the Bayer Leverkusen striker to open up about his struggles, concerns, and even shed some tears.

Truth be told, Chicharito is not your average everyday professional athlete.  On the rare occasion when he grants interviews, he is almost always forthcoming and honest.  He saves the stream of consciousness cliches for the post-game mixed zones.

This interview was a little different, though.  He spoke of his struggles as a professional and how hard it was not only for him, but for his family.  And it seemed to helped liberate Javier in some way.  Is it a mere coincidence that Chicharito has gone on a massive scoring spree since he had this chat, starting with Mexico’s 3-2 win over the USA?  Hardly.

On a lighter note, the interview did remind me of the long gone but never forgotten Larry Sanders Show.  An episode where Larry also opened up.

Look out, Leon.  Seeing how well Javier has performed after sitting down with you may mean that you will have more athletes beating down your door to be the next subject in your “la Mesa” segment. Why send players to Colombia when you can send them to LA?

Since his sitdown on “La Mesa”, Chicharito has outscored his former side, Manchester United.  The whole team.  You are going to need a bigger table, Leon, cuz they are going to come calling.




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