2015 Year in Review Episode 1- The Piojo Menace

2015 has about 10 days left, so natughalmente, it is time for everyone on the internet to write best of and worst columns.  Why would we be any different.  Our LA correspondent, Joel Aceves has already posted the Liga MX 10 best goals of the year, so let us continue with some of the other seminal moments of what was 2015.

Worst tweet of the year

Its is not that Miguel Herrera could not have a political opinion, of course he could.  But proselytism is an act that is not accepted well in Mexico, and is even illegal.  Not only did he faces charges for hitting send after this, but the goodwill he had developed with the fickle mushheads, otherwise known as Mexico fans, evaporated almost as quickly as the tweet was posted.

It was now put-up or shut-up time for Herrera.  So he could not have picked a worse time for Mexico to have a 3-and-out in the Copa America.  The vice started to tighten even more, so it was no surprise Mexico did not have the best Gold Cup.  But despite winning the obscenely large trophy, Herrera’s tenure as Mexico’s coach was very much in the air.  He removed all doubt, though, when he smacked TV Azteca’s Christian Martinoli upside the head at the Philadelphia airport.  He was fired later that week.

Lesson here.  If you are not sure about that tweet.  Don’t hit send.

Worst use of Commercial airlines

See above.

For all the money that FMF generates, not to mention that some of the principals are among the richest people in the world, is there a reason Mexico can’t charter a plane?

Coach of the year

Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti

Tuca coached Mexico for 4 games

It is true that Tuca lost the Libertadores final against a beatable River Plate side.  And he also came close to cruzazuling the Liga MX final, blowing a 3-goal lead vs my Pumas.  But he didn’t.  He also came to the rescue of the perpetually mismanaged FMF for a 4-game stint.  No more.  No less.  Nestled in those 4 games was a none other than the North American Clasico.  With only a few days to prepare, he asked his players their opinion on what would be the best way to line-up and play the US.  He did what few coaches in his position do:  He listened to his players, surprised everyone, including Jurgen, with a 4-3-3 formation, and in the end we were treated to a Tuca without his trademark soup strainer.  The standard post-victory Tuca treatment.  He lived up to his word.  4 games was all he would work.  No more, no less.  He has been losing his mustache quite a bit lately.

tuca shave

Best Liga MX signing

Andre Pierre Gignac – Tigres.gignac libres

Could it be anyone else?  The news this summer was quite a stunner. Why on earth would a European, one who is not of retirement age even, go to Liga MX?  More than once, this type of heavyweight would come to Mexico, cash checks, and not much else.  You know,  what Andrea Pirlo is doing in New York.

But APG jumped in and immersed himself into the Tigres culture right away.  France coach Laurent Blanc noticed and called him up for the fall friendlies.  He finished the season as the leading scorer in Liga MX (counting playoffs), and even paid homage to the Tigres fans with a Libres y Lokos goal celebration.

Worst career move

Giovani Dos Santos

Can’t argue with the money.  The boy is getting paid.  And it is a contract he wouldn’t get in either Mexico or Europe.  Good for him.  But after a quick start for LA Galaxy he faded as the team did.  Can’t blame Gio for Galaxy’s horrible defense, but almost everyone did.  Amazingly, this wasn’t even Gio’s worst career move of his career. That honor belongs to his misguided move to Tottenham.

Best Crowd Salute

PSV’s Mexican Flag salute to Andres Guardado

Things did not go so well for the Little Prince at either Valencia or Bayer Leverkusen.  Luckily, PSV Eindhoven threw Andres Guardado a lifeline. The Mexico captain reciprocated by not only leading PSV to the Eredivisie title, he helped them make the Champions League knockouts at the expense of one Manchester United.  The fans appreciated Guardado’s efforts so much last spring, they, not the club, organized the flag salute.

guardado psvTo be continued….

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