Ep. 11: Los Cachirules podcast – Liguilla talk as well as results vs. performance debate

Los Cachirules

After a short break for Thanksgiving, the crew got back together to talk the ongoing Liguilla tournament. Chivas is of course NOT in the Liguilla so some of the guys were getting ragged on about the possibility of America winning another Trophy as well as even Toluca winning their 11th and reaching the same number of titles as Chivas has.

Pumas is also in the mix and some predict an upset in the making vs an apparently better team in Las Wilas from America.

Tigres seems to be the big favorite, with their goal scorer Gignac leading the way. Even if his last Golazo via Chilena was actually kicked off his shin. Pure luck maybe?

The discussuion was also swayed to the question of what is more important having a good performance or getting the result.

Have a listen on iTunes or link below.

We plan on having another show on Thursday evening during the Tigres vs Toluca Liguilla Semifinal. Maybe do some play by play and in game analysis.

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