Ep. 19: Los Cachirules podcast – Farewell Cachirules!

Dos A ZeroA final episode of “Los Cachirules” and a new start to “The Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast”. In this final episode we talk about the Naturalizados issue, Juan Carlos Osorio’s comparison of Neymar and Tecatito, his “hate” of MLS, LigaMX results and more.

The JCO hate continues from one side of the panel, while he has support from other panelists. Discussion of foreigners in Mexico and their rights as naturalized citizens, as well as the FMF pacto de caballeros that renders those rights null and void.

We also have some fun with Chivas and how Dorados is their ticket to stay in Top Flight of LigaMX.

Stay tuned tonight for our first episode of Dos a Zero podcast!!

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