Osorio Satisfied with Copa America Group Draw


Mexico’s draw for this summers Copa America Centenario left head coach Juan Carlos Osorio filled with optimism. “I believe we have a very accessible group and our purpose will be to advance in first place of the sector,” said Osorio upon learning that Mexico’s Group C rivals will be Uruguay, Jamaica, and Venezuela.

“It is an interesting mix,” observed Mexico’s boss. “Uruguay has been champion 15 times and are characterized by their strong defense, their aerial game, and elite strikers. They will be very competitive,” added Osorio of Mexico’s top threat.


Speaking about Uruguay’s elite forwards Osorio signaled out F.C. Barcelona’s ace striker Luis Suarez. “Without a doubt Suarez is at the moment one of the three best attackers in the world of football, but we have to keep in mind who he is having relations with. Obviously he plays in Barcelona, the company and relations with elite players will be different. He will be a difficult challenge when we face him.”

While Osorio doesn’t seem too concerned with fellow rivals Jamaica and Venezuela he is worried about a potential quarterfinal clash against Group D standouts Argentina or Chile. “There is the possibility of going up against two top teams. So, we will try to make the most amount of points and see who we will get. We will play with precaution, respecting the history of Argentina and Chile’s current form but Mexico has the capacity to compete equally.”

“We have to and I believe we will have a very good participation,” added Osorio. “We will have great support from our fans, of the Mexican people that are passionate about their national team. Other fans will also follow their teams this is a very touristy country. There will be people from many countries and it will be a tourney that will show the world the football that is played in this continent and that we have an important competition like the Copa America,” finalized Osorio.

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