The Futbol Morality Police

VidalSo lets summarize some of the shenanigans that have occurred in futbol.

  • Gullit allegedly showing up stinking of alcohol.
  • We all know about Marco Fabian’s drinking
  • Carlos Vela goes to a Chris Brown concert instead of practice
    • Also there is the Monterrey party
  • The Fabian and Company Copa America party
  • Arturo Vidal drinking and driving and crashing his sports car
  • James Rodriguez alleged partying and speeding in his sports car

I could go on. Many would ask, what is wrong with people having personal lives? They can do what they like in their free time. Why hold these athletes to such high standards off the field? It is what they do on the field that counts.

Well, here is my argument. These guys get paid extraordinary amounts of money to play a game. A game that requires them to excel physically. To be in shape and prepared physically and mentally to win games and benefit the club or country that is paying them to do so. They need to be in optimal shape to perform at their best. Would you pay 500 dollars for a blender that only works 6 out of 7 days of the week? Then on every other day it only works at half speed?

When a player drinks, smokes, or endangers their own life by drunk driving, then they are risking the investment their club made in them. They are putting their capability to perform at a high level at risk. If they were to eat right and get enough sleep, with no alcohol or smoking, they may be able to perform better on game day and provide profit to their club/employer. When they skip practice to go to a concert, they miss valuable preparation time for the next game.

The life of a footballer is not long. When a footballer retires, what kind of regrets would they have looking back if they do not do everything in their power to be the best player they can be. What kind of regrets would their club have, to invest millions of dollars in a player that could have been better. What about all the fans that hoped for so much only to be disappointed because of bad decisions? Footballers are held in high regards, with a lot of power to influence and provide good things for club and country. With much power comes much responsibility.

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