Clasico Tapatio Roundtable discussion with Dos a Zero Podcast crew

Few games are as important to CD Guadalajara and Atlas FC as the Guadalajara derby. There is more than just bragging rights at stake. The Dos a Zero Podcast crew sat down to have a round table discussion to preview the game.


Who will win and why?

Albert Campa: Chivas will win. They are on a roll and Atlas is sucking right now.

Joel Corona: Chivas. They are healthy, on a roll, have difference-makers, and Atlas just don’t seem to have an answer.  It’ll be close though.

John Jagou:  Atlas will win because the young Chivas team will now have to deal with a different set of expectations

Juan Uribe: It will be a close contest but Chivas will prevail. They are in better form but that goes out the window in this kind of game. The derby goes to the team that has the biggest cojones. Which is clearly Chivas!

What is your earliest/best memory of the Clasico Tapatio?

Victor Rodriguez: One of the earliest memories of the Clasico Tapatio was the Camilazo. Do you remember that one?

Video of the Camilazo for our readers.


JU: I can’t pinpoint a single memory except to say that Atlas FC fans are butthurt losers who invade the pitch when their team is being taken to the shed and sets a bad example in the league.

JJ: It is not a game that really falls on my radar. Both teams have been relatively mediocre to bad since I started paying attention to Liga MX

JC:  I went to my first clásico by chance.  We were at my uncle’s house downtown, and some neighbors and a cousin were going.  I got to tag along because they had a palco.  Chivas won 2-1 or 3-2. It was also my first Chivas game.


What does the Clasico mean to you?

JC:  It’s much bigger when I’m in Guadalajara.  The fans make the clásico and I don’t know any Atlas fans in DC.  I will say, it’s regained some of its luster with Facebook and social media, as I hear from all the Atlas fans again (most of my cousins and many “friends” root for Atlas).

AC: Regional classico, not as big as Clasico Regio. Never really caught my eye. Maybe if I was from or lived in GDL.

JJ: The Mexico City derbies are a lot more meaningful. Frankly, the Mexico City teams are better. Since I have been alive they have won dozens of titles, while Guadalajara teams have won 4. I am sure Atlas fans may feel different, but this game would be more of a national game if they actually won something more often than every 60 years. It really does not make a difference to me.

JU: The Guadalajara Clasico to me is a battle between the worst elements of the city, Atlas fans, and the humble hard working folks who see Chivas as a representative of the Mexican people. In short Atlas fans are basura.



Who is your favorite player to cheer for or against in the Clasico?

Joel Aceves: I can’t recall hating on a player. On the contrary I admired Marquez. From an early age, you could tell he was in another class. Cardozo was one of the players I disliked.

JJ: I do not have a horse in this race, but I do like to cheer for the younger players on either side.

JC:  The players with history, in this case Bravo and Salcido, but also those who came up through the youth squads. Against, I’d like Rafa to feel so frustrated he wants to pull a WC 2002 on someone.


Would you rather win the clasico, quality to liguilla, win the league, or cup?

AC: Win the cup!

JJ: I would rather have my team win the league.

JU: I would want the Clasico to be the league final and have Chivas win it! We know Atlas won’t be reaching a final anytime soon though.


How do you feel about players and coaches who have worked for both organizations? Such as Omar Bravo, Jose Luis Real, Oswaldo Sanchez, etc.

AC: Sometimes money talks, but if one was truly loyal they would stick to their team and do everything in their power to support them on and off the field until the end of their days.

JU: Omar Bravo is a Chivas icon. Vergara’s bad management is at fault for not making his return to the club a priority. Chivas could have used his leadership and experience after that MLS stint.

JC: Unfortunately it’s the nature of the game nowadays.  I thought Bravo was very professional about it.  I don’t like Real’s recent comments. I hope they turn him down. Thinking back to when I was young, it broke my heart when Quirarte went to Atlas.

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