Dorsal #12 Pancho Villa’s Army Los Angeles Chapter party it up before Mexico vs Jamaica @ the Rose Bowl

The Tamborazo could be heard as you drive up to the historic Rose bowl in Pasadena, on a sunny typical California day. When you park, you will be greeted by the sea of green, and I am not talking about the gorgeous grass on the golf course that serves as a parking lot for the Rose bowl, but the 83 thousand fans that packed the venue for the upcoming Copa America Centenario group C match, Mexico vs Jamaica.

Now enter the Pancho Villa’s Army Los Angeles Chapter contingent @PVALosAngeles into this mix and you get one of the best Futbol atmospheres in this Copa America Centenario, that had everything, Mexican food, Tequila, and just unbridled jubilation from all the Mexico fans.

The tequila and other assortment of spirits starts flowing, combined with some fantastic live Tamborazo + beautiful señoritas, Pancho Villa’s Army delivered a great tailgating spectacle  of epic proportions.

The party was so good, that Photojournalist @afroxander , could not fight off the temptation of such good offerings and forbidden fruits by the LA contingent Pancho Villa’s Army.

These Pancho Villa soldados were just getting ready for war in the stands, in one of the greatest arena’s known as Azteca del Norte, formerly known as the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California.


As always, there are fans who come and are ready to deliver a message

Then the message got a political overtone, not that I blame them.

Pancho Villa’s Army was ready with the Tamborazo in the stadium, and unleashed a large TIFU, that went without incident, like it happened in Glendale Arizona vs Uruguay.


The 12th player, has entered the arena, ready for battle.

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