Ep. 40: Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast – More Fracaso discussion, ARG owns USA, Chile moves on to final and more.


We continue to talk the Failure that was Mexico’s 7-0 loss to Chile. We also include the USMNT into the discussion as they fall to Argentina 4-0 with no shots during the entire match.

Joel brings on the hate on Juan Carlos Osorio, and we have some good discussion as to how he has really performed as DT and what should happen next.

We talk USMNT and how they failed to show up vs Argentina. Klinsman gets no heat and is seen laughing during his post game press conference. He made it to Semis so he is good. It is interesting how on the show, “the herd” the question is asked why no one is questioning him after a bad showing vs Argentina.

An interesting show with more level heads than the Siete a Zero podcast made prior. 🙂

Make sure to catch it on iTunes if you missed the show last night.

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