The 12th player Mexico vs Uruguay Copa America Centenario


Its 115 degrees outside the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Arizona, but that doesn’t seem to faze any of the Mexico fans. The fans are partying it up with the Pancho Villas Army, which are hosting a fan fiesta all out Pachanga at the Westgate Entertainment District.


The beer, err excuse me, the Cerveza is flowing non-stop to the jubilant Mexico fans who are getting ready to support their team on Copa America Centenario’s debut match vs Uruguay on June 5th in Group C.

Pancho Villa’s Army setup the Pachanga at the Salt Tacos y Tequila restaurant, which allowed for non-stop celebrations 3 hours before kickoff. There was tamborazo, a Mexican music and traditional Puto chants all over the restaurant.

Inside the stadium, the Uruguay fans could not be left behind, they gathered by section 128 and started singing songs, but where expectedly drowned out by the Puto chants hurled at them.


This Mexican Lady won the night celebrations, seems like that is an indication of what is to come, when the 12th man takes the field

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