Oso o Hazaña: Juan Carlos Osorio’s Mexico V Panama


Was the game a success or a failure? Why?

Albert Campa: More Oso than Hazana. A tie is not a win, any full joy and acceptance of not winning is mental midgetry. The 7-0 still looms, even the past WCQ cycle still looms. JCO does not want a repeat performance and played a conservative game. The paranormal does exist, despite CHicharito claims. I want to believe. *cue X-Files theme*


Daniel Preciado: It was a success, keeping in mind the 3 points obtained, he knew 4 away to start the hex and against the usmnt really makes things easier moving forward. The conditions and the panama tactics just didn’t make it easy for Mexico to play how jco wants to play. He was pragmatic which made sense given the circumstances and account no injuries.

Fernando Regino: The team met its objective. They got a point from a tough venue and Panama lost two.


Juan Uribe: The game was a success. You limited injuries and didn’t lose. The players aren’t looking to get injured when their seasons are a few games in. They can return to their clubs and earn valuable experience which serves the Mexican National Team.


Pundits have criticized Osorio’s approach to the game. Rafa Ramos from ESPN launched criticisms at Osorio for the lack of shots on goal calling his 3313 an “encimadero”. What is your take?

DP: RR has a point if the expectation was to throw caution to the wind and go for the win no matter what but really how many teams do that away in wcq?

AC: OSO because of the lack of effort in trying to beat the bunker. Injuries were a risk, counter attack was a risk. It may be known that the defense of Mexico is the weak spot in the team and JCO does not have the bunker solution, so safeguarding the backline and goal was priority. conservative passing and play was priority to come out for the tie. Playing for the tie. Mexico wins 0-0.

JU: If we isolate only the game and not the environment and circumstances, it’s a big fail tactically. Mexico did not generate shots on goal and was very vulnerable to the counter. Given the circumstances, it’s an away game in a tough venue, the Panameños with making hard sometimes dangerous fouls. It’s not promising that Mexico can’t break down the bunker under Osorio, yet. Rafa Ramos lacks the ability to see context. Maybe he has an axe to grind.


Final thoughts on the game, Oso o Hazaña?

AC: Oso. If the 7-0 had not had happened and Osorio’s job not on the line, they may have taken more risks and gone for the win. The paranormal is alive and well.

DP: Hazaña. I rate the panama as a good result…*spazmode engaged* according to ESPN’s SPI Mexico has now a 99% chance to qualify to Russia. CR is 93%. So 2 games in and they’re already qualified, que mas quieren?

JU: Hazaña. Given the week, the euphoria from winning the away game in Columbus. Mexico is sitting pretty towards world cup qualifying.




The Oso o Hazaña series is a regular roundtable discussion between members of the Dos A Zero podcast. Stay tuned for further discussions coming to a television near you! Just kidding no TV, yet.












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