Ep. 243: CantinaMX Podcast – English Social Media Accounts!

Special guest Walter Franco joins us to share his expertise on the details of social media marketing by the LigaMX and El Tri. He discusses salary and cultural differences between Mexico and the US and how Mexican Soccer coverage in English is currently happening and how it can improve. We also discuss other topics such as Naked Humans/Chicharito and more! This was a good one, enjoy!

Ep. 242: CantinaMX Podcast – Molero Cup Champs!

Or chumps? We discuss the latest preseason Copa por Mexico champions, Cruz Azul. We discuss the drama and intensity of this preseason cup. We talk the praise Raul Jimenez is getting and how the National Team will pan out. New LigaMX sponsors and more in another fun episode!

Ep. 241: CantinaMX Podcast – Chicharito Scores!

We had a fun old time! Jaime hosted Joel and Albert as we discussed the latest Futbol news. Chicharito gains criticism for missing a couple scoring opportunities. Carlos Vela doesn’t even care about the tourney. We discuss the semis for the LigaMX tourney and what to expect with Apertura 2020. Enjoy the discussion.

Ep. 239: CantinaMX Podcast – RAUL! CHUCKY! chicharito!


Jaime and Albert had an enjoyable time talking about the latest Mexican abroad excitement. Raul Jimenez capitalizing some excellent crossing. Something that El Tri lacks? Remember Gringo Castro, Jurgen Damm and others who don’t know how to cross a ball. Chucky boosts himself off the shoulders of a defender to head home a goal. Chicharito sells Herbalife door to door, jeje!

Ep. 237: CantinaMX Podcast – Mazatlan throwing heat!

The gents get together to talk about the latest happenings with Mazatlan FC. Also Queretaro/Atlante rumors, even discuss why more stadiums/clubs are not in CDMX. This and more in another episode of CantinaMX podcast!

Ep. 236: CantinaMX Podcast – JCO off his rocker, Bye sweet Butterfly!

The panel discussed Juan Carlos Osorio’s crazy comments, exposing the Mexican players of lacking mentality when asked if they were ready to face Brazil in the WC. JCO’s desperate attempt to stay relevant. Also the Mexican NT doesn’t want to play in the US if there are no fans there to pay them some sweet dollars. We also discuss Monarcas leaving Morelia and more!!!

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