2015 Year in Review Episode 1- The Piojo Menace

2015 has about 10 days left, so natughalmente, it is time for everyone on the internet to write best of and worst columns.  Why would we be any different.  Our LA correspondent, Joel Aceves has already posted the Liga MX 10 best goals of the year, so let us continue with some of the other seminal moments of what was 2015.

Worst tweet of the year

Its is not that Miguel Herrera could not have a political opinion, of course he could.  But proselytism is an act that is not accepted well in Mexico, and is even illegal.  Not only did he faces charges for hitting send after this, but the goodwill he had developed with the fickle mushheads, otherwise known as Mexico fans, evaporated almost as quickly as the tweet was posted.

It was now put-up or shut-up time for Herrera.  So he could not have picked a worse time for Mexico to have a 3-and-out in the Copa America.  The vice started to tighten even more, so it was no surprise Mexico did not have the best Gold Cup.  But despite winning the obscenely large trophy, Herrera’s tenure as Mexico’s coach was very much in the air.  He removed all doubt, though, when he smacked TV Azteca’s Christian Martinoli upside the head at the Philadelphia airport.  He was fired later that week.

Lesson here.  If you are not sure about that tweet.  Don’t hit send.

Worst use of Commercial airlines

See above.

For all the money that FMF generates, not to mention that some of the principals are among the richest people in the world, is there a reason Mexico can’t charter a plane?

Coach of the year

Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti

Tuca coached Mexico for 4 games

It is true that Tuca lost the Libertadores final against a beatable River Plate side.  And he also came close to cruzazuling the Liga MX final, blowing a 3-goal lead vs my Pumas.  But he didn’t.  He also came to the rescue of the perpetually mismanaged FMF for a 4-game stint.  No more.  No less.  Nestled in those 4 games was a none other than the North American Clasico.  With only a few days to prepare, he asked his players their opinion on what would be the best way to line-up and play the US.  He did what few coaches in his position do:  He listened to his players, surprised everyone, including Jurgen, with a 4-3-3 formation, and in the end we were treated to a Tuca without his trademark soup strainer.  The standard post-victory Tuca treatment.  He lived up to his word.  4 games was all he would work.  No more, no less.  He has been losing his mustache quite a bit lately.

tuca shave

Best Liga MX signing

Andre Pierre Gignac – Tigres.gignac libres

Could it be anyone else?  The news this summer was quite a stunner. Why on earth would a European, one who is not of retirement age even, go to Liga MX?  More than once, this type of heavyweight would come to Mexico, cash checks, and not much else.  You know,  what Andrea Pirlo is doing in New York.

But APG jumped in and immersed himself into the Tigres culture right away.  France coach Laurent Blanc noticed and called him up for the fall friendlies.  He finished the season as the leading scorer in Liga MX (counting playoffs), and even paid homage to the Tigres fans with a Libres y Lokos goal celebration.

Worst career move

Giovani Dos Santos

Can’t argue with the money.  The boy is getting paid.  And it is a contract he wouldn’t get in either Mexico or Europe.  Good for him.  But after a quick start for LA Galaxy he faded as the team did.  Can’t blame Gio for Galaxy’s horrible defense, but almost everyone did.  Amazingly, this wasn’t even Gio’s worst career move of his career. That honor belongs to his misguided move to Tottenham.

Best Crowd Salute

PSV’s Mexican Flag salute to Andres Guardado

Things did not go so well for the Little Prince at either Valencia or Bayer Leverkusen.  Luckily, PSV Eindhoven threw Andres Guardado a lifeline. The Mexico captain reciprocated by not only leading PSV to the Eredivisie title, he helped them make the Champions League knockouts at the expense of one Manchester United.  The fans appreciated Guardado’s efforts so much last spring, they, not the club, organized the flag salute.

guardado psvTo be continued….

US Women’s National Team vs China PR in Glendale Arizona Match Report

GLENDALE, AZ.  The Unites States Women’s National Team beat the Chinese Women’s National Team in front a crowd of 19,066 fans at the University of Phoenix stadium.  The match proved to be of real no contest for the USWNT as the Chinese spent most of the match bunkering.


Crystal Dunn opened the marker in the 39th minute when she pushed a goal past Chinese keeper, Zhou Lina.  Dunn, the 2015 NWSL Player of the Year, capitalized on a failed clearing from the Chinese defense, which left her open on the right side of the box.   The rest of the match proved to be much of the same with China content in playing defensively.


Possession was plenty, goal opportunities were few.  The USWNT caught their second break in the 80th minute Press scored shortly after being substituted in.


A great bright spot during training on the previous day of the match was Sidney Leroux, but unfortunately she did not feature vs China, and here are some of her thoughts.

Crystal Dunn’s effort to win a permanent spot on the US world cup winning squad are being noticed with such a great effort on this match and during training.

China will get a rematch on December 16th, 2015 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA.


Ep. 13: Los Cachirules podcast – More Liguilla Drama as America falls.

Los Cachirules podcastThe Liguilla final is set and a certain Americanista on the Cachirules podcast is salty like no other. In this latest episode of Los Cachirules, we discussed the Pumas lack of beautiful game play and possession in the 2nd leg of their Semifinal vs America. Pumas had a bad game. They had 2 goals scored on them fairly early. America again found themselves in problems as Sambueza stomped on a Pumas player to then get deservedly sent off.

The panel in its majority viewed the game to be evenly refereed, with bad calls going both ways. It was a tough job for a Ref in such a heated rivalry. The big drama was the clash between Javier Guemez and Javier Cortez. Both players went hard for a ball, with Guemez going in faster and harder. Cortez took ended up with studs up and hitting Guemez in the shin. This caused a fracture and Guemez to be out and will miss Club World Cup. Indeed an unfortunate injury, but the intention of of Cortez or entry to recover the ball did not seem malicious.

Second point of drama in the game is the alleged racist remarks from Dario Veron to Darwin Quintero. This is not the first time this has allegedly taken place. Quintero had an issue with another player while at Santos. First of all let me say, racism or racist remarks have no excuse to be used in my opinion. With that said, in the podcast we discussed the idea of “what goes on in the field, stays in the field”. Wether or not this is a legit statement we discussed the fact that Quintero was called out in the past for being a “chismoso” but no call out of Pelaez or Moises Munoz for the same “chisme”.

There were bad things all around in this series:

  1. Bad Pumas play on the field.
  2. Unfortunate Guemez injury.
  3. Racist gestures in the headlines in Mexican soccer.

We now have a LigaMX final with Tigres Vs. Pumas. Hopefully we can see some good soccer to end the season and year.

We will be having another show on Thursday to talk the first leg of the final. Tune in!

Goldenballs Backs Qatar World Cup


“Whether it’s corrupt or not, those countries have been chosen. People need to get behind that.”

Former English international David Beckham told Radio Times magazine that Qatar should host the 2022 World Cup despite it’s irregularities. “It’s about bringing football to new countries. They should stick with it. They’ll make it work,” said Beckham.

U.S Battle T&T to Scoreless Draw


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad & Tobago — Trinidad & Tobago earned a rare point against the visiting United States in FIFA World Cup Qualifying, playing its CONCACAF Group C rival to a 0-0 draw at Hasely Crawford Stadium on Tuesday night.

The Trinidadians entered the match having lost 11 out of 14 all-time qualifiers (2W-1D-11L) to the USA.

Both teams remained tied with 4 points apiece on the strength of 1W-1D-0L records, although the Americans lead the group with a superior goal difference (+5 to +1) thanks to their opening 6-1 win over St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

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USA’s Zardes Ready for WCQ Journey


MIAMI SHORES, Florida – Although it still says 2015 on the calendar, it’s a new year – or should we say a “new beginning” – for the United States.

The first six months were dazzlingly highlighted by victories in international friendlies over
Mexico, the Netherlands and World Cup champion Germany.

Then, participation in a pair of competitions did not yield the desired results.  A fourth-place finish in the CONCACAF Gold Cup was followed by a loss to the Mexicans in October’s CONCACAF Cup.

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Chivas Win Validates Copa MX


chivas champs

Funny how things work out.  A few years ago when the creation of Copa MX was announced (in conjunction with a newly rebranded Liga MX), the new tournament was met with a steady stream of cynicism and criticism.  It’s structure was a joke, we were told.  Too many games, a point structure that was difficult to understand, and no one –  no one would care.  No one did care for the first couple of years.  Can you name the winners of the first editions of Copa MX?

Exactly. I can’t either.

It was going to take a team with a certain amount of cache to put Copa MX on the map.  Sure, Cruz Azul won the thing a while back, but the tournament was still in the who cares stage.  Last night, before a sellout crowd in Leon, Copa MX became a tournament worth caring about.  Don’t believe me? Ask the Chivas fans who celebrated at the Minerva monument last night in Guadalajara. After all, it had been 9 years – 9 YEARS – since Chivas had held any kind of hardware.

chivas minervaBut it wasn’t just the fans in Leon or the ones who celebrated in Guadalajara afterwards.  It was also the players and coaches.  Both sides played to win, had several chances to do so, and in the process rewarded everyone with an end-to-end tilt that was in stark contrast to the usual puckered, defensive-minded borefests that permeate most finals.

There will be those who will minimize the final; can’t be a cynic otherwise, right?  And, yes, the Copa MX could use some tinkering to streamline it to enhance the play on the field.  But it is not going anywhere for now, so you might as well buck up and play it.  Give your reserves some time on the track. Let your slumping stars work their way out of it.  You might just right yourselves and win something along the way.

If I were FMF King for a day, I would keep Copa MX for the Apertura, but I would go a different direction for the Clausura: north.  I would add MLS and USL for a 78-team straight knockout to the final.  50 teams get a 1st round bye. And then a 64-team blind draw to the final. Whether folks from both sides care to admit it or not, both leagues need each other.  This would be a great way to get them involved.

Chivas and their fans can enjoy their win for about 24 hours.  Then they will be reminded of their reality with a visit to Culiacan for a key 6-point battle with one of their drop-zone mates.  But they can do so knowing they have finally added something more than dust to their trophy case.


BREAKING NEWS:  First images coming out of the Swiss Hotel where Soccer Officials were detained on bribery and racketeering.  

 As raid proceeded at a five star hotel over looking the Swiss Alps, ConcaRATS search for high ground.  

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