The opposite of “coddling” the Mexican National team.

7upWe often hear of parents coddling their kids, or giving kids participation ribbons when they finish in last place in whatever competitive event they are in. In the US, in youth soccer we here about orange slices at half time, caprisuns after the game along with a trip to the ice cream shop as a reward for trying your best. We would never want to criticize little jonny and hurt his little feelings. We also have programs on HBO(trophy kids) about how some parents pressure their kids in sports and then talk about how bad that is.

Now lets shift to grown ups. Do we treat grown up men and women like this? Lets forget about a Jurgen Klinsman US team who had zero shots vs the Argentines and not getting flamed, but instead he is seen laughing at the post game press conference. Lets talk about the opposite of coddling, caprisuns and participation ribbons. In the Mexico game vs Chile where they put no heart or “ganas” and lost 7-0, the following occurred. The Mexico fans whistled at the Mexican players. They yelled “ole” while Chile was passing and playing “monkey in the middle” with the Mexican players. They even yelled “puto” to Memo Ochoa instead of the opposing team.

Some would say this is down right rude and classless. That the fanbase should support their team “en las buenas y en las malas”. Should the Mexican players get a trip to Pizza Hut for trying their hardest? Wait! They didn’t try their hardest! They disgraced the team. Grown men are grown men, because they can handle criticism and concentrate on the task at hand. They are grown men and should concentrate on fixing their weaknesses despite adversity or the opinions of others. The turning of the Mexican fanbase in the Stadium should motivate the Mexican National team to work harder and ensure nothing like this happens again. It should drive them to work hard and strive to be better. It should provide a motivation for them to shut up the haters. We only hear about weak will/minded individuals go get their feelings hurt then take their ball and go home.

This Mexican fanbase should not be berated for turning on the team, or for yelling “ole”, “puto” or whistling. It is just something that happens. Its criticism that should be handled. These same fans, will most likely be back paying top price for tickets to see the Mexican team in the US for the next competition, be it friendly or not. These insults are not necessarily an indication of NOT supporting, “in the buenas y malas”. It’s fans that demand more from their team, and hold them accountable. Nothing wrong with that at all. The players and coach have apologized and hopefully are planning improvement and ways to restore confidence and faith in their fanbase. Not for the fans, but for themselves as players to obtain success for Mexican soccer.

So when we remind or make fun of Mexico for its failures, it’s all fun and games, but it’s also motivation for things to be improved.

We named our show “The Dos a Zero podcast” in jest to have fun in past failures. We had a special “Siete a Zero podcast” after the Chile loss, to cope and have fun even in sadness and failure. So before you write this podcast off as haters or US fans or get defensive, there is context to be understood.

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Ep. 40: Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast – More Fracaso discussion, ARG owns USA, Chile moves on to final and more.


We continue to talk the Failure that was Mexico’s 7-0 loss to Chile. We also include the USMNT into the discussion as they fall to Argentina 4-0 with no shots during the entire match.

Joel brings on the hate on Juan Carlos Osorio, and we have some good discussion as to how he has really performed as DT and what should happen next.

We talk USMNT and how they failed to show up vs Argentina. Klinsman gets no heat and is seen laughing during his post game press conference. He made it to Semis so he is good. It is interesting how on the show, “the herd” the question is asked why no one is questioning him after a bad showing vs Argentina.

An interesting show with more level heads than the Siete a Zero podcast made prior. 🙂

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Ep. 39: Siete a Zero Futbol Podcast – Embarrassment!

OHumillacionne of the worst Golizas in Mexican history deserved a post game podcast discussing the fatal events. Take a listen. In moments like these, one cannot be too upset, but as this gentleman in the picture, laugh and find humor.

Day 1, Goliza Historica!

Ep. 38: Dos a Zero Futbol Podcast – Mexico avoids Argentina! Vamos al Angel!

Dos A ZeroShort on protagonistas, but we podcasted anyways. Talking how Mexico performed vs Venezuela, opinions on Juan Carlos Osorio’s coaching and lineups/rotations, as well as the future for Mexico in this tournament. Mexico has a huge challenge in Chile and this will be the biggest game for JCO as head coach. I feel Chile will not want to lose to a CONCACAF team and will come out fighting.

Now on the topic of avoiding Argentina, yes it’s news, but nothing to overstate. Everyone wants to beat the best, and I would love for Mexico to face Argentina. I just would love for that epic matchup to be in the Final. Selfishly, I am not ready to see Mexico play Arg in quarters and potentially see them bow out slightly early. Argentina is a special type of opponent. One who has eliminated Mexico in a couple of World Cups. It is time for revenge and Copa America Centenario a big stage in which to do it.

Is Copa America Centenario Worth the Trouble?

Late last week, it was made official.  CONMEBOL, the South American soccer confederation that was the first to organize a national team level competition, will pay homage to its considerable history by commemorating the Copa America Centenario with a tournament… in the USA.

It goes without saying that after all the indictments that the FBI handed out like a gangsta dropping hundies at the titty bar, this tournament was in serious jeopardy of even being played at all.  But in the end, profit always wins, and CONMEBOL and its marketing partners are set to make a pile of cash with their tournament next June.

The Stadiums will be packed, the temporary grass-fields in field-turf stadiums will try and stay alive, and for the weeks that this tournament coincides with Euro 2016, there will be wall to wall footy from 7am to midnight.  Sound great, don’t it?

But how excited will fans really be when slowly, but surely, South American sides will announce that they will be playing with alternate sides, or U23 teams?  Lionel Messi will obviously be a huge draw, but how excited is Barcelona going to be watching his Messiness dig up Texas-size divots on the less than ideal surface at AT&T Stadium?  Not very. And coming off a knee injury, less so.  Chances of playing CAC – less than 50%

And what of his Barça buddy, Neymar?  Well, he has a score to settle this summer. But at the Olympics in Rio.  So, don’t expect to see him either.

How many of Chile’s Copa America heroes will be State side?  What about James and his band of Cafeteros? Remember, they will be in the throes of their insanely long and emotionally draining World Cup qualifying.

Some National teams, like Mexico, will playing a Summer tournament every year this World Cup cycle.  And some players did the same last cycle.

Venue selection will be interesting.  The most logical host city, Miami, the unofficial Capital of South America in the US, will not be available because the Dolphins Stadium will be undergoing a renovation. Too bad.  It would seem like Miami would be be the epicenter of such a tournament.  For it to not even be involved is really unfortunate.  A long list of attractive cities have great stadiums, but will need temporary fields.  Ugh!

But those gate receipts will be so appealing, so the show must go on.

It is a great idea, one that a lot of folks had been advocating for years, but greed has been at the heart of the execution and organization. It is a cynical way to celebrate 100 years of soccer.