Ep. 10: Los Cachirules podcast – Osorio haters vs Osorio praisers.


Last night’s show was a good one. We had two main differing opinions on the coaching merits of Juan Carlos Osorio after these 2 CONCACAF qualifiers. While both sides agree that the El Salvador win could not be used to measure Osorio’s true impact on the team, the Honduras game in Honduras was supposed to be a tough game. However a few weeks back we interviewed “Catracho” who gave his prediction that Honduras would not qualify to the Hex. That prediction and the fact that Honduras lost to Canada validated the fact that maybe this Honduras team wasn’t as strong as in times past.

Osorio’s team did struggle in the first half to create scoring opportunities. The one nice chance that Mexico had was a pass by Guardado to Chicharito who cut in when a single Honduran defender got caught laying back behind the offside trap. However Raul Jimenez missed the scoring opportunity as he was off balance when the shot was deflected by the keeper.

The 2nd half was more in Osorio’s favor as his both subs of Tecatito and Damm ended up in great moves as they came in to score. Another positive is the 5 line defense kept Talavera’s work minimal. I counted 2 opportunities where Talaver was put in slight danger. On the other side, the 2 goals were not necesarily a string of nice passes or excellent play that resulted in goal. The first was a result of bad clearing and Tecatito making a huge play. The 2nd was good pressure and hustle from Jurgen Damm.

So it may be that to be fully comfortable with this new process, we will need to wait. Mexico has had its struggles in qualifying and this is the big question for this coaching cycle.

Have a listen to this episode to hear what they guys think. Joel even provides some lolz when he tries to get a word in.

Good show everybody!

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