Ep. 14: Los Cachirules podcast – delayed post.

PumasEpisode 14 from last week, recorded right after the 1st Leg of the Tigres vs Pumas final. We discussed the bleak chances for Pumas to get back, which as we know now, didn’t turn out to be so bleak.

As always, we broadcast our show live on youtube, and announce it on our twitter account. So you can follow live, or wait until we release the episodes for iTunes and on this blog.


Tigres Offense vs Pumas Defense Stats preview

Pumas vs TigresSo Martin Del Palacio has been putting up some great Youtube videos analyzing the statistics side of these Liguilla games. You can find his videos here!

I wanted to review a quick video he covered in text format for you to read. This is what he gathered. Props and credit to Martin:

Pumas Defense:

Pikolin the best goalkeeper in LigaMX?

Stats during Apertura 2015 for Pikolin Palacios (Pumas goalkeeper):

  • Most shots received at 126
  • Blocked 83 of those shots. (Best in League of all keepers)
  • 20 goals received. (2nd Best in League)

Pumas gave up 1 goal for every 15.5 shots on goal.

Tigres Offense:

Stats during Apertura 2015 for Andre Pierre Gignac (Tigres goalscorer):

  • 48 shots on goal. (league leader)
  • 1 goal for every 4.36 shots. (Last place amongst top 10 goal scorers)

As a reference lets look at Ismael Sosa’s numbers:

  • 22 shots on goal.
  • 1 goal for every 2.2 shots.


Offense as a team:


  • 1 goal for every 10 shots


  • 1 goal for every 5.8 shots


So based on these stats, Pumas takes advantage of their opportunities. Tigres creates and has more opportunities, but has a lower percentage of effectiveness. Additionally Pikolin and the Pumas defense has been solid in keeping the ball out of the net. This was displayed in the 1st leg of the America semifinal game, where America dominated but was not able to score on the Pumas defense, even though they had the majority of possession.

It should be an interesting game tonight.

Much thanks to Martin, who you can find on twitter @martindelp

Chicharito, Tecatito, Herrera and Layun eliminated from Champions League

While they all had good moments, these 4 Mexicans playing abroad have been eliminated from the Champions League tournament. The fact that the competition is getting harder makes it even more difficult for teams like Porto and Bayer.

Atleast it ended with a Chicharito goal to help Bayer tie up the mighty Barcelona. Tecatito shined for moments in the Porto vs Chelsea game, even owning 2 defenders on the left site at one. They just couldn’t pass the hump of the upper tier competition. Things are still looking up for these guys. Even in the tie you can check out the near goal Chicharito almost had that would have given Bayer the lead.

We still have other Mexicans still in the competition as Raul Jimenez, Andres Guardado and Hector Moreno are still in the fight. We will see how they fair with their respective teams.

Ep. 13: Los Cachirules podcast – More Liguilla Drama as America falls.

Los Cachirules podcastThe Liguilla final is set and a certain Americanista on the Cachirules podcast is salty like no other. In this latest episode of Los Cachirules, we discussed the Pumas lack of beautiful game play and possession in the 2nd leg of their Semifinal vs America. Pumas had a bad game. They had 2 goals scored on them fairly early. America again found themselves in problems as Sambueza stomped on a Pumas player to then get deservedly sent off.

The panel in its majority viewed the game to be evenly refereed, with bad calls going both ways. It was a tough job for a Ref in such a heated rivalry. The big drama was the clash between Javier Guemez and Javier Cortez. Both players went hard for a ball, with Guemez going in faster and harder. Cortez took ended up with studs up and hitting Guemez in the shin. This caused a fracture and Guemez to be out and will miss Club World Cup. Indeed an unfortunate injury, but the intention of of Cortez or entry to recover the ball did not seem malicious.

Second point of drama in the game is the alleged racist remarks from Dario Veron to Darwin Quintero. This is not the first time this has allegedly taken place. Quintero had an issue with another player while at Santos. First of all let me say, racism or racist remarks have no excuse to be used in my opinion. With that said, in the podcast we discussed the idea of “what goes on in the field, stays in the field”. Wether or not this is a legit statement we discussed the fact that Quintero was called out in the past for being a “chismoso” but no call out of Pelaez or Moises Munoz for the same “chisme”.

There were bad things all around in this series:

  1. Bad Pumas play on the field.
  2. Unfortunate Guemez injury.
  3. Racist gestures in the headlines in Mexican soccer.

We now have a LigaMX final with Tigres Vs. Pumas. Hopefully we can see some good soccer to end the season and year.

We will be having another show on Thursday to talk the first leg of the final. Tune in!

Ep. 12: Los Cachirules podcast – We talk Pumas vs America and more

Dos a Zero podcast

A Dos a Zero podcast

This was an exciting episode, because we decided to start it right after the Pumas vs America game and while the Tigres vs Toluca game was going on.

You all know how the Pumas vs America game went, so you can imagine certain panelist’s jimmies were most definitely rustled. He had his say and may have spurred a blog post from fellow panelist which you can read here.

My take is, the ref made a mistake by calling the early Pumas goal off. Britos was not offsides and Veron converging in, did not interfere with Moises and was not involved in the play. The call may have been that Britos was offside, and in that case it was wrong. The call could have also been that Veron was interferred, but he was not between Moises and the ball. The ball went so quickly past Moises and Veron that none of them could have done anything to change its trajectory. Clearly a bad call.

No matter, you have to fight through bad calls. It was expected for America to be on attack and to have posession. This an elimination tournament and not a regular season game like had been previously played a couple weeks earlier. It was intense. Memories of Goltz and other Americanistas proving to be hot heads came back. It was a heated and physical game. One stat is that America is the team with the most bookings(red/yellow cards). No change here.

Another stat, in the entire game America had 1 shot on frame. The UNAM defense was strong. I recall seeing cross after cross get headed by a Universitario. First touch and defensive posture was strong with UNAM. Some may say that America possessed and attacked, but didn’t put Pikolin in real danger.

Then came the Red cards. As a result open space for the speedsters, Fidel, Sosa and Britos. Even Lalo Herrera came up big with a very nice Cabezazo!


Anyways, we also talked the Neymar showboating issue we have been arguing about. The Real Pundits that claim they would have done the same as Isco and fouled Neymar for acting a fool. I’ll let you have a listen for our differing takes.

We also had some play by play on the Tigres vs Toluca game. All in all a great night for Futbol and good discussion.

Ep. 11: Los Cachirules podcast – Liguilla talk as well as results vs. performance debate

Los Cachirules

After a short break for Thanksgiving, the crew got back together to talk the ongoing Liguilla tournament. Chivas is of course NOT in the Liguilla so some of the guys were getting ragged on about the possibility of America winning another Trophy as well as even Toluca winning their 11th and reaching the same number of titles as Chivas has.

Pumas is also in the mix and some predict an upset in the making vs an apparently better team in Las Wilas from America.

Tigres seems to be the big favorite, with their goal scorer Gignac leading the way. Even if his last Golazo via Chilena was actually kicked off his shin. Pure luck maybe?

The discussuion was also swayed to the question of what is more important having a good performance or getting the result.

Have a listen on iTunes or link below.

We plan on having another show on Thursday evening during the Tigres vs Toluca Liguilla Semifinal. Maybe do some play by play and in game analysis.

Ep. 10: Los Cachirules podcast – Osorio haters vs Osorio praisers.


Last night’s show was a good one. We had two main differing opinions on the coaching merits of Juan Carlos Osorio after these 2 CONCACAF qualifiers. While both sides agree that the El Salvador win could not be used to measure Osorio’s true impact on the team, the Honduras game in Honduras was supposed to be a tough game. However a few weeks back we interviewed “Catracho” who gave his prediction that Honduras would not qualify to the Hex. That prediction and the fact that Honduras lost to Canada validated the fact that maybe this Honduras team wasn’t as strong as in times past.

Read more

Episode 9: Los Cachirules podcast – Monday’s podcast now on iTunes!

Los CachirulesWe had a Monday night show to talk about our thoughts with the El Salvador game and also to preview the Honduras game. We do this show live on Youtube streaming/hangouts so you can listen live, or after a day or 2 it will be on SoccerChronicle.com and iTunes.


We will also have a show tonight talking the Honduras game and if Osorio has been approved and accepted yet. 😉 Show starts at 9PM Central time.

The El Salvador challenge: Overconfidence, underestimation, arrogance?

Photo by Globedia.comToday is the day Mexico plays a weakened El Salvador team in the grand Estadio Azteca. El Salvador has historically been one of the weaker teams in CONCACAF. After some player disputes, many of the experienced players refused to play so the El Salvador team will take on even younger and less experienced players. Making this team an even weaker opponent for Mexico, possibly.

What does this mean for Mexico?


  • The Problem of Mexico playing to the level of their opponent.

Maybe Mexico doesn’t see the urgency when playing agains lower level teams or they expect a goal to eventually come, relatively easily. When Mexico plays Brazil, Spain or other bigger teams, they usually play with “garra”, “ganas” and give a good performance.


  • Will Mexico underestimate El Salvador.

Mexico knows the problems the El Salvador federation is having. Many are asking not if Mexico will win, but how many goals they will score. Even if Chicharito will reach Borgetti’s record.


  • Is there a Mexican arrogance in the air.

We have seen multiple lineups released by different sources. New players on defense, variety of combinations on offense. Chicharito on the bench possibly, along with Layun. Usually during friendlies you will see experimentation by NT coaches, trying out new lineups, formations, etc. This is the beginning of World Cup Qualifying. A legitimate tournament. Sure it’s a weakened El Salvador, but is it arrogant to put one lineup today and one vs Honduras, even if it’s just 4 player changes? Or is it not that important that a single linup of players gel and get fully used to playing under a new DT and a new strategy? Is this experimentation time or time to buckle up for a hard fought tournament to get to Russia?


Time will tell. Stay tuned tonight!

Episode 8: Los Cachirules podcast – Manolo Lapuente’s comments are discussed

An exciting episode as we debatedos a zero Lapuente’s statements about this generation of Mexico’s National Team as being the worst in it’s history. Some of the guys sided with the recent generation and others with Lapuente and some of his points.

During the broadcast, Chivas fanboy Juan had an episode of jubilee as Marco Fabian scored a golazo, of the likes that happens once every 10 to 15 games. 🙂 We also talked and critiqued Juan Carlos Osorio and many decisions he has made. In true Mexican form, criticism was let loose even before his first game.

Props go to John, the host, Jagou for inserting some cool sound clips during the broadcast.

Have a listen.

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